Why Can’t Guitarists Read Music? [ANSWERED]

Standard Notation - Why Can't Guitarists Read Music [ANSWERED]

The average guitarist is a very different type of musician for a number of reasons. One reason is that, unlike a saxophone or piano player, they’re usually not formally trained and many of them can’t read Western standard notation at all. The vast majority of them rely on tablature instead. It’s not uncommon for other …

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How to Delete A Blank Measure in Guitar Pro [It’s Easy]

How to Delete A Blank Measure in Guitar Pro [It's Easy] - Featured Image

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Guitar Pro is probably one of the greatest tools out there for guitarists. And another thing that I’ll say again is that I’m genuinely surprised by how few tutorials there are online on how to use Guitar Pro considering its ubiquitousness and applicability for guitar players …

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What’s the Difference Between Light & Medium Guitar Strings?

Guitar Strings - What's the Difference Between Light and Medium Guitar Strings

Having the right strings on your guitar is crucial for a couple of reasons including for how they sound but most importantly for how they feel under your fingers. Some people say thicker strings are richer and fuller, but this is largely subjective. Many guitar players have resorted to using thicker strings because they heard …

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What To Do If Your Guitar Is Too Big? [ANSWERED]

What To Do If Your Guitar Is Too Big [ANSWERED]

Most guitars are built in a very similar way but there is some variability that can make one instrument harder or easier to play than the other. One such example would be the size of the body or even the frets. My ESP Eclipse, for instance, has jumbo frets and it makes it much, much …

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What To Do If You Cut A Guitar String Too Short? [FIXED]

Guitar Strings - What To Do If You Cut Your Strings Too Short.jpg

Every guitar player has inevitably experienced this at least once in their life but when I think about it, I wonder how a person even gets there in the first place considering it has been so long since I’ve made the mistake. That said, I can think of one way that a person could find …

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Should Guitar Strings Be Parallel to the Fretboard? [NO]

Should Guitar Strings Be Parallel to the Fretboard? - Featured IMage

When it comes to guitar setups, there are quite a few things to know and much of it can’t be remembered at the top of your head, especially if you’re only setting your guitar up a few times a year. Guitar technicians and luthiers have more of a handle on this kind of thing simply …

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What Makes A Guitar A Beginner Guitar? [ANSWERED]

What Makes A Guitar A Beginner Guitar [ANSWERED] (1000 x 700 px)

The guitar industry is a massive industry with many different sides to the business, and it only gets bigger if you include the gear and accessories that are made specifically for guitarists. And if you’re looking into getting your first guitar without much knowledge of what’s out there, it can seem confusing. There’s no reason …

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Guitar Amps Vs. Amp Simulators – THE Definitive Guide

Featured Image - Guitar Amp vs. Audio Interface - Which One To Get (1)

There are many reasons to have both an amplifier and an audio interface as a guitarist. Still, both aren’t a necessity unless you need to hear yourself at a louder volume or maybe you want to finally start home recording. There are pros and cons to each. An amp looks cooler than a guitar and …

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How to Change Tracks in Guitar Pro (iOS and macOS)

How to Change Tracks in Guitar Pro

If you’ve read some of my other articles, you’d know that I love Guitar Pro. In fact, I think it’s one of the best tools that a guitar player can use not only for its scoring ability but also as a practicing tool. It’s incredibly useful and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Surprisingly though, there …

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Why Does the Bass Guitar Only Have 4 Strings? [Explained]

Featured Image - Why Does the Bass Guitar Only Have 4 Strings?

If you know about the standard 6-string electric or acoustic guitar, chances are you’re also familiar with the bass guitar. These two instruments are often thought of together as two of the 3 primary instruments that make up a rock or jazz band (electric guitar, bass guitar, drums). There aren’t any rules when it comes …

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