What Guitar Pedals Sound Better With Dying Batteries? [EASY]

What Guitar Pedals Sound Better With Dying Batteries [EASY] - Featured Image

If you’re unfamiliar with how electrical components work, figuring out the difference between pedals and how they’re powered can get confusing. I recently learned that some prefer to use batteries in the guitar pedals because of the direct current they provide. As a result, manufacturers like Voodoo Labs and MXR have created power supplies that …

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Where Should The Whammy Pedal Go In The Signal Chain? [EASY]

Where Should The Whammy Pedal Go In The Signal Chain [EASY] - Featured Image.jpg

Once you’ve gathered more than 4-5 effects pedals, getting them in the right order can be a challenge. After you’ve discovered how important the order of effects is for getting the desired sound, it can feel overwhelming because of all the possibilities. Not only that, but a lot of people argue with you about the …

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How To Use A Digitech Whammy Pedal [The Ultimate Guide]

Sometimes I’m amazed by the market for guitarists because the sheer amount of effects we have available is truly crazy. The Digitech Whammy Pedal is one of the best pedals that a guitarist can buy because of its multitude of effects and applications. Guitarists like Tom Morello and Ed O’Brien are the real stand-out players, …

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How to Adjust the Action on a Squier Telecaster [ANSWERED]

How to Adjust the Action on a Squier Telecaster - Featured Image

Is your guitar slowly getting more challenging to play? Over time, your Telecaster’s strings may seem to drift further from the guitar’s neck, moving you out of your comfort zone and getting a lot harder to play in the process. Luckily, we can correct this inevitable nuisance by adjusting the instrument’s action settings. Keeping your …

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How to Set Up a Squier Telecaster (Step-By-Step)

Since its inception in 1951, Fender’s Squier Telecaster has been making waves in the music world. Players like Keith Richards, Muddy Waters, and Tom Morello have all famously used a Tele. It’s a very versatile guitar, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect a proper setup. Whether you’re unboxing this classic or you’re blowing off dust from …

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What’s the Difference Between Gain and Drive? [ANSWERED]

What's the Difference Between Gain and Drive - Featured Image

These two terms mean separate things but often have similar effects. Knowing how they can affect your sound matters because, in order to properly get the effect you’re looking for, you need to have a clear understanding of what to do. Understanding the difference between drive and gain can be confusing because the terms are …

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How to Strum Triads on Guitar (A Step-By-Step Guide)

How to Strum Triads on Guitar (A Step-By-Step Guide) - Featured Image

Triads – in my opinion, are the silent key to mastering the guitar. They are the fundamental building blocks of major and minor chords and serve as the basis for unlocking the power of the entire guitar neck. Harnessing triads takes you from novice to competent in no time. If you’re reading this, you probably …

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How to Harmonize in 3rds (Major and Minor) on Guitar [EASY]

How to Harmonize in 3rds (Major and Minor) on Guitar

Guitar harmonies can involve a lot of music theory and sound very technical, but you can easily improvise on any melody by using harmonies in 3rds. This is one of the simplest harmonizations you can use, and it usually sounds great. Even if you’re not well-versed in music theory, harmonizing in 3rds is fairly easy …

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Where To Put The Looper Pedal In Your Signal Chain [SIMPLE]

Featured Image - Where To Put the Looper in Your Signal Chain

Over the last couple of years, the looper pedal has really become a big part of my practice routine, as well as my creative process. I regularly use it to either test out ideas, or to drill exercises that I’m working on. I think they’re amazing, and every other guitarist should have one. Although, in …

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What’s A B7 Chord + (And How Do You Play It?)

B7 Open Position Chord - What's A B7 Chord

The tangy and bright B7 chord might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a quintessential rock song. What about chart-topping pop hits and emotional soul songs? This versatile chord lends itself to a plethora of unique sounding progressions time and time again. Just like Meghan Trainor, The Rolling …

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