What Are The Tremolo Settings for “Like A Stone?” [SIMPLE]

Audioslave’s “Like A Stone” is probably one of my favourite songs and I think it may just be the best song that Audioslave, Tom Morello, or Chris Cornell ever did. Everything about it is a winner and a classic if you ask me. The nice thing about the song is that it’s pretty simple and …

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Can A Whammy Bar Break Strings? [ANSWERED]


The guitar industry is massive on account of the millions of players out there. And due to the demand, manufacturers have designed different styles of bridges, guitars, pedals, and accessories for guitarists to expand their creative scope and technical ability. Whammy bars are one of these features, and they’ve been around since the invention of …

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What Are The Tremolo Settings for Pink Floyd’s “Money?”

What Are The Tremolo Settings for Pink Floyd's Money - Featured Image

There’s no question that Pink Floyd is one of the most iconic bands ever to do it. They’ve got so many big songs and each musician in the group is a leader in their discipline, particularly David Gilmour who has a legion of fans. Among their many classic songs is the 1973 track, “Money,” which …

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How To Loop A Guitar Without A Pedal [ANSWERED]

Featured Image - How Do You Loop A Guitar Without A Pedal [ANSWERED]

There are a few ways that you can loop a guitar without a guitar pedal, although, I must say that using a BOSS RC-5 is probably my favourite way of doing so. But there are some other great ways of doing it. I own 3 looper pedals, including the MXR Clone Looper, the BOSS RC-1, …

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Does The Compressor Pedal Go Before Fuzz Pedals? [SIMPLE]

Fuzz pedals are a fairly unique kind of stomp box relative to all of the other units you can get for the guitar. In some way, it’s like they’re in the space between overdrive and distortion, and they can do a lot for your guitar’s sound and vibe. Due to their uniqueness, for lack of …

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What’s the Difference Between A Whammy and Tremolo Bar?

There are many terms in every discipline and the guitar is no different. Some people use terminology interchangeably, while others state there are subtle differences between words. One example is the difference between distortion and overdrive which actually are separate on account of a few small details. But what about the whammy and tremolo bar? …

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Is The PRS SE Custom 24 Good For Metal? [ANSWERED]

PRS SE Custom 24 - Is The PRS SE Custom 24 Good For Metal [ANSWERED] (1000 × 700 px)

Over the last 20 years, but especially in the last 10, Paul Reed Smith guitars have developed a really solid reputation as a trusted brand that manufactures really high-quality guitars. And they can be used in a lot of genres. You can see anyone using a PRS, including blues, jazz, metal, and rock guitarists. There …

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How Much Does An ESP Eclipse Weigh [ANSWERED]

How Much Does The ESP Eclipse Weigh - Featured Image

Most electric guitars have a similar weight but with some variability. For example, a Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster tend to weigh much less than an Epiphone Les Paul Custom. But ultimately, the weight of most electric guitars falls between 6 and 10 pounds. The ESP Eclipse guitar is no different – I know because I …

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How Much Does A PRS SE Custom 24 Weigh? [The REAL Answer]

How Much Does A PRS SE Custom 24 Weigh [ANSWERED] - Featured Image.jpg

I’ve owned a PRS SE Custom 24 for approximately 10 years now, and it’s a really great guitar for the price. It’s well-built, sounds pretty good, and doesn’t have any of the problems that some of my cheaper guitars do. Because it has 24 frets and a mahogany body and neck, the PRS SE Custom …

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How Much Does A Squier Stratocaster Weigh? [An Experiment]

Considering the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster are easily in the top 5 of the most popular guitars ever made, there have been a ton of models released. And by models, I mean reissues and all kinds of variations of the same thing. As a result, how each guitar is built and what they sound like …

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