Where To Put The Looper Pedal In Your Signal Chain [SIMPLE]

Featured Image - Where To Put the Looper in Your Signal Chain

Over the last couple of years, the looper pedal has really become a big part of my practice routine, as well as my creative process. I regularly use it to either test out ideas, or to drill exercises that I’m working on. I think they’re amazing, and every other guitarist should have one. Although, in …

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What’s A B7 Chord + (And How Do You Play It?)

B7 Open Position Chord - What's A B7 Chord

The tangy and bright B7 chord might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a quintessential rock song. What about chart-topping pop hits and emotional soul songs? This versatile chord lends itself to a plethora of unique sounding progressions time and time again. Just like Meghan Trainor, The Rolling …

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Guitar Effects Loop Vs Direct Input – Which One’s Better?

Preamp and Power Amp - Guitar Effects Loop Vs. Direct - Which One's Better (1000 × 700 px)

Guitars and amplifiers have been around for a long time now, particularly guitars, which have been a part of human history for thousands of years in different forms. Amplifiers, on the other hand, are significantly newer. As guitars increased in popularity over the last century, so did the effects that guitarists used with them. When …

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How to Use the MXR 10-Band EQ [Dedicated Tutorial]

MXR 10-Band EQ - How to Use the MXR 10-Band EQ (1000 × 700 px)

The MXR 10-band EQ is a popular choice among guitarists because it can take your guitar tone to the next level. It’s really crazy what you can accomplish with a basic EQ pedal. That said, guitarists are often unable to see the opportunities it presents, and therefore struggle to use it at its potential. Some …

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How to Use Your Guitar As A MIDI Controller [Full Guide]

Featured Image - How to Use Your Guitar As A MIDI Controller

I was stunned when I found out just how powerful MIDI technology is today. Virtual instruments can produce entire backing tracks and songs with professional audio quality. I love using my MIDI keyboard, but as it turns out, there are even more options available. I recently discovered that I could use my guitar as a …

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Why Do People Use Guitar Pedals? [What You Want to Know]

MXR 10-Band EQ - Why Do People Still Use Guitar Pedals (1000 × 700 px) (1)

In a world that’s becoming more and more dominated by digital gear, guitar pedals are still holding on. In fact, guitar pedals are alive and well, and still can provide that tone that sets you apart from others. They can certainly help you with creativity as well. If you are asking yourself if you need …

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What Guitar Chords Are Sad? [With Examples & Explanation]

Featured Image - What Guitar Chords Are Sad [With Examples & Explanation]

So, you’ve had your heartbroken, left but a shell of your former self, and the only way to free yourself from your misery is to pour your pain into your guitar. But how do you make your guitar sound sad? What are some chords that will get you that sound? In Western Music theory, we …

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The Best Picks for Guitar Strumming (Acoustic & Electric)

All the Picks - The Best Picks for Acoustic Guitar Strumming (1000 × 700 px)

Playing guitar like a pro is all about having complete control of your fingers. And to do that, you need to find a pick that fits you perfectly. While this is a personal preference, certain guitar picks are suited to specific music genres and guitar types.  When strumming, you need a flexible pick that cuts …

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How To Paint Guitar Picks [The Ultimate Guide]

How to Paint Guitar Picks (The Ultimate Guide)

When music becomes a part of your identity, it’s not unusual to look for ways to express your personality through your music and instruments. For many musicians, one way is to sport custom gear that’s unique to them. Custom guitar picks are just one example of this.  But ordering custom picks from online stores can …

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Center Negative vs Center Positive – What’s the Difference?

Power Supply - Center Negative Versus Center Positive - What's the Difference (1000 × 700 px)

If you are wondering what the importance of center negative vs center-positive could be, stick around. Not only will you learn the difference, but you will understand the importance of this for musicians, particularly for those of us who have pedals and pedalboards that we don’t want to damage. So If you are a guitar …

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