How to Use The TCE Ditto X2 (ALL Functions + 19 Tips)

How to Use The TCE Ditto X2 (A User’s Guide) - Featured Image

The TC Electronic Ditto X2 looper pedal is a popular choice among guitarists and other musicians. It is compact and easy to use for practice and live performances. Its ability to record up to a 5-minute looping time, as well as several other effects, will do wonders for your playing. But will all the options …

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How to Connect The Ditto X2 To Your Computer (EASY Guide)

How to Connect The Ditto X2 To Your Computer (EASY Guide)

The TCE Ditto X2 is an acclaimed looper used by all kinds of musicians all over the world. It has cool features and a very simple & unique user interface that gives you an excellent looping experience, on and off stage. You can record loops up to 5 minutes in length and it has the …

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Where To Put the Ditto X2 Looper In Your Signal Chain?


Are you tired of playing guitar at home by yourself? With the Ditto X2 Looper, you can compensate by creating a multitrack of backing tracks, samples, and your own playing just by clicking a button. Before you start though, you’ll need to know how to integrate this pedal with your setup. While pedal placement is …

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How To Use The EHX Nano Q-Tron Filter + (5 Cool Settings)

How to Use The Nano-Q Tron Envelope Filter - Featured Image

The EHX Nano Q-Tron envelope filter has been a favourite of many guitar and bass guitar players for a while. In fact, it’s one of Sweetwater’s most popular pedals. It’s compact, easy to use for practice and live performances, and it has the ability to deliver a unique and funky tone to your sound. Its …

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How to Use The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer + (5 Cool Settings)


There’s a reason why the Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer is found on so many legendary pedalboards. It’s a versatile overdrive with both warm and bright vibes, making it a surefire way to inject some vintage character into your tone.  But I’ve seen many guitarists struggle to use it effectively; they’re not sure about where to …

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How to Use The Dunlop Crybaby Wah (And 7 Cool Tips)

How to Use The Dunlop Crybaby Wah GCB95 - Featured Image

Regarding guitar pedals, few are as easily recognizable and loved as the renowned Crybaby Wah pedal. Having been revered by guitarists for decades, it has been used by a ton of different amazing players. The Crybaby Wah has none of the knobs you’ll see on regular pedals and the only way to use it is …

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Where to Put The Flanger In Your Signal Chain? (Quick Tip)

Where to Put The Flanger In Your Signal Chain [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

Flangers are a great, bold choice of effect when it comes to striking modulated tones. While they may not be appropriate for every style out there, I love adding flange to my playing to give extra character to my soloing or psychedelic sweeps to my rhythm playing. But if, like me, you have a whole …

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How to Use The TC Electronic Vortex Mini (+ 5 Cool Settings)

TCE Vortex Mini - How to Use The TC Electronic Vortex Mini

I love modulation effects, and Flangers are probably some of my favourites. They can add everything from subtle shimmers to full psychedelic blowouts to your tone, great for both lead and rhythm playing. I recently picked up the TC Electronic Vortex Mini flanger pedal, part of the mini pedal range TC has brought out over …

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How to Open Guitar Pro Files Without Guitar Pro [EASY]

How to Open Guitar Pro Files Without Guitar Pro [EASY] - Featured Image

Generally speaking, you can open Guitar Pro files legally with several different software including TuxGuitar, PowerTab, Soundslice, and MuseScore. Typically it’s as easy as opening the file, sending it to your alternative software, or using the drag-and-drop feature. I was one of the people who, for years, refused to get Guitar Pro. At the time, …

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How to Set Up An ESP Eclipse [A Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Set Up An ESP Eclipse - Featured Image

To set up an ESP Eclipse1) Use a 5/16″ wrench to set the relief to 0.008.” Use feeler gauges to measure2) Set the action to 5/64″ and 4/64″ at the 12th fret on both E-strings3) Set the intonation with a 1/4″ screwdriver4) Set the bass & treble pickup height to 3/32″ and 2/32″ respectively. And …

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