How to Open Guitar Pro Files Without Guitar Pro [EASY]

How to Open Guitar Pro Files Without Guitar Pro [EASY] - Featured Image

Generally speaking, you can open Guitar Pro files legally with several different software including TuxGuitar, PowerTab, Soundslice, and MuseScore. Typically it’s as easy as opening the file, sending it to your alternative software, or using the drag-and-drop feature. I was one of the people who, for years, refused to get Guitar Pro. At the time, …

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How to Set Up An ESP Eclipse [A Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Set Up An ESP Eclipse - Featured Image

To set up an ESP Eclipse1) Use a 5/16″ wrench to set the relief to 0.008.” Use feeler gauges to measure2) Set the action to 5/64″ and 4/64″ at the 12th fret on both E-strings3) Set the intonation with a 1/4″ screwdriver4) Set the bass & treble pickup height to 3/32″ and 2/32″ respectively. And …

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How to Replace Tuners On A Classical/Nylon String Guitar

Nylon Stringed Guitar - Featured Image.jpg

To replace tuning pegs on a classical guitar, cut your strings with wire-cutters to remove and then unwind them from the rollers and the bridge. Take out the screws on the tuners with your 1/4” screwdriver to pull them off the guitar. Put on your new tuning pegs and screw them in. Changing the tuners …

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How To Memorize Guitar Triads In The Simplest Way Possible

How to Memorize Triads on Guitar - Featured Image

The best way to memorize guitar triads is to first write all of them out in 1st and 2nd inversions in a Guitar Pro file, but be sure to only start with the top 3 strings first, ie, E, B, G. You then must practice them every single day while paying attention to where the …

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How to Fix A Wet Guitar Pedal [Dead SIMPLE]

How to Fix A Wet Guitar Pedal [Dead SIMPLE] - Featured Image

If your guitar pedal got wet, it’s crucial that you disconnect it from power immediately whether it’s a 9V battery or power supply. Unplug all cables and then wipe off all of the liquid with a towel. Cover the holes with tape, then let the pedal sit in a tub of rice for as long …

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How To Connect A Guitar To Your AudioBox [EASY]

How To Connect An AudioBox USB96 to A Guitar and PC:Device

To connect a guitar to a PreSonus AudioBox, attach the AudioBox to your computer or mobile device with a USB cable, then run an instrument cable from your guitar to Input 1 on the audio interface. Set the AudioBox as your input device, turn on monitoring, open a new track, and begin recording. I’ve made …

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How To Loop A Guitar Without A Pedal [ANSWERED]

Featured Image - How Do You Loop A Guitar Without A Pedal [ANSWERED]

There are a few ways that you can loop a guitar without a guitar pedal, although, I must say that using a BOSS RC-5 is probably my favourite way of doing so. But there are some other great ways of doing it. I own 3 looper pedals, including the MXR Clone Looper, the BOSS RC-1, …

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How to Connect The Boss Loop Station [SIMPLE]

How To Connect A Boss Loop Station - Featured Image - 1

Figuring out how to connect your looper pedal, whether it’s a BOSS Loop Station or not, is pretty simple once you’ve done it a few times. I guess it’s easy for me to say because I already know how to do it, but I promise you that it’s not a big deal. It’s possible to …

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How to Use A Volume Pedal As An Expression Pedal [SIMPLE]

How to Use A Volume Pedal As An Expression Pedal - Featured Image

A volume pedal is a really useful tool that does exactly what the title suggests: it acts as master volume control on your guitar signal. This can be very helpful for creative purposes but also for matters of utility and practicality. What a lot of guitarists may not know though is that a volume pedal …

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How to Use A Tremolo Pedal [A Step-By-Step Guide]

Tremolo pedals are as old as the hills, and contrary to popular misconception, they are not vibrato tools. A tremolo pedal essentially cuts the volume in and out at various rates and configurations set by the parameters commonly found on the pedal. Contrast this to a vibrato pedal, which is actually changing the pitch of …

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