Editorial Policy

Every article and video on Traveling Guitarist is edited and published by the site owner and editor, Andrew Siemon unless otherwise stated.

Before writing each article, there is a minimum one-week process of research, gathering information, and testing, that way the information is presented in a way that everyone can understand.

There are a few ideas in mind whenever a piece of content is created:

  1. How can each piece of content/article/video be as helpful to the user as possible?
  2. How can the writer present the information so that the idea is communicated clearly and effectively, without sophisticated or convoluted jargon?
  3. Is the content 100% original unless otherwise stated? If it is someone else’s idea, is there a proper citation to that person’s work?

The 10-step Process by Which Each Article/Video is Created:

  1. Research and gathering information
  2. Testing, to make sure all of the tips, tricks, guides, and tutorials are 100% relevant and applicable.
  3. Writing the actual content
  4. First proof-reading session
  5. Adding the images, including the captions, diagrams, and other symbolisms to emphasize or clarify what is being communicated with the picture.
  6. Second proof-reading session.
  7. Third and final proof-read.
  8. The creation of a YouTube video to go along with the written content.
  9. Last preview, including a brief look at the images, written content, as well as the accompanying video.
  10. Copyscape/Plagiarism check.