How Long Does A Battery Last In The BOSS RC-1? [ANSWERED]

BOSS RC-1 and the 9V Battery - How to Use the BOSS RC-1 (1000 × 700 px)

if you’re familiar with guitar pedals, you’re probably aware that 9V batteries don’t really last for long. There are some pedals that last longer than others, for sure, but in the majority of cases, it’s rare for you to get more than 6-8 hours out of a 9V battery. And the RC-1 is no different, …

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How to Use the Boss RC-1 Loop Station [A Detailed Guide]

How To Use the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station - Featured Image

I’ve used a few looper pedals now, including the BOSS RC-1, the BOSS RC-5, and the MXR Clone Looper so I’m pretty familiar with the most common features and the other cool things they can be used for. Like most instruction manuals for various kinds of technology, I find the instructions to be unclear or …

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What Do You Need To Use A Looper Pedal? [3 Things]

What Do You Need To Use A Looper Pedal - Featured Image

If you’ve never used a looper pedal before you may be intimidated. I understand. There are a lot of models, brands, and different ways of using them, including for instruments you wouldn’t otherwise expect, ie, digital pianos and vocals. That all said, there’s really nothing to a looper pedal because they’re fairly easy to use. …

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Do Looper Pedals Work With Any Amp? [ANSWERED]

Do Guitar Loopers Work On Any Amp? - Featured Image

I stand by the statement that looper pedals are one of the greatest things a guitarist can own. One of the main reasons why I like them so much is they serve as an unreal practicing tool. You can work on all kinds of musical concepts with them. Not to mention they’re a great pedal …

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How Long Does The Battery Last in the Boss RC-5 [ANSWERED]

How Long Does The Battery Last in the Boss RC-5 [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

I hate using batteries in guitar pedals for the simple fact that they don’t last. Of course, what kind of pedal and battery you’re using are both factors. That all said, it turns out the discussion surrounding batteries and pedals has an additional point of complication. But we can discuss all of that later. In …

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How To Connect The BOSS RC-5 To Your Computer [SIMPLE]

How To Connect Your BOSS RC-5 To Your Computer - Featured Image

Now that you’ve got your hands on one of the better looper pedals out there for the money, the BOSS RC-5 Loop Station, you probably want to make sure you get the best you can out of it. It’s a great pedal. While I love Roland’s BOSS and everything they make, their instruction manual, like …

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How to Set up An Epiphone Les Paul [An Illustrated Guide]

How To Set Up The Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Featured Image

Getting the perfect setup on an Epiphone Les Paul (or any guitar for that matter) can be quite the challenge. There are many factors to consider including string gauge, action, intonation, and a few others. Not to mention many guitars are not built well enough to even get a solid set-up with low action and …

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How to Reset The BOSS Loop Station [5 Models]

How to Reset The BOSS Loop Station [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

Readers of Traveling Guitarist and Producer Society know that I’m a huge fan of looper pedals. There are many reasons I like them. Probably the biggest reason is for practicing but you can also use them for creative purposes as well. However, like every other piece of technology out there, they are prone to issues. …

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How Much Does An Epiphone Les Paul Custom Weigh? [ANSWERED]

How Much Does An Epiphone Les Paul Custom Weight? - Featured Image

Guitarists care about the weight of their equipment because they’re either standing on stage with it or carrying it around from place to place. For that reason, the lighter everything is, the better it’ll probably be for most. And some guitars are certainly much lighter than others. My Squier Telecaster, ESP Eclipse, PRS SE Custom …

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DigiTech Whammy vs EHX Pitchfork – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the debate between pitch-shifters, it seems as though the internet has decided between two pedals – the Whammy Pedal V and the Electro Harmonix Pitchfork. Both of them have their own advantages and perks that are worth discussing. They also have their downsides as well. As a longtime owner of a …

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