How Often Should You Get A New Guitar [ANSWERED]

How Often Should You Get A New Guitar [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

There are a few reasons why you may need a new guitar, including if it’s stopping you from being creative or progressing further in your music, or if it’s damaged and doesn’t play well. Sometimes you should buy a new one just because you want to and you know it’ll inspire you. How often a …

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How To Memorize Guitar Triads In The Simplest Way Possible

How to Memorize Triads on Guitar - Featured Image

The best way to memorize guitar triads is to first write all of them out in 1st and 2nd inversions in a Guitar Pro file, but be sure to only start with the top 3 strings first, ie, E, B, G. You then must practice them every single day while paying attention to where the …

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How to Fix A Wet Guitar Pedal [Dead SIMPLE]

How to Fix A Wet Guitar Pedal [Dead SIMPLE] - Featured Image

If your guitar pedal got wet, it’s crucial that you disconnect it from power immediately whether it’s a 9V battery or power supply. Unplug all cables and then wipe off all of the liquid with a towel. Cover the holes with tape, then let the pedal sit in a tub of rice for as long …

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How To Connect A Guitar To Your AudioBox [EASY]

How To Connect An AudioBox USB96 to A Guitar and PC:Device

To connect a guitar to a PreSonus AudioBox, attach the AudioBox to your computer or mobile device with a USB cable, then run an instrument cable from your guitar to Input 1 on the audio interface. Set the AudioBox as your input device, turn on monitoring, open a new track, and begin recording. I’ve made …

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Where to Put the Line 6 M5 In Your Signal Chain [ANSWERED]

Where to Put the Line 6 M5 In Your Signal Chain [ANSWERED] - Featured Image (1000 × 700 px).jpg

Line 6 has been a considerable innovator in the guitar world since their inception, however, they’ve struggled to get the respect and acknowledgement for this. Although, the M5 and M9 modellers seem to be the rare exception. The Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler and its larger accompaniment, the M9, are two of the guitar pedal …

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Where Should A Tremolo Pedal Go In The Signal Chain? [EASY]

My Signal Chain (FX Loop) - Where Should The Tremolo Pedal Go In Your Signal Chain? - Featured Image - 1

The tremolo effect has been around for a long time, and according to the founder of JHS pedals, it was actually one of, if not the very first stand-alone pedal effects when it came out in the 1940s. It makes sense that it would be the tremolo effect because it’s just a circuit that’s turning …

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What Are The Tremolo Settings for “How Soon Is Now?”


The Smiths are definitely one of the more integral bands to come out of the United Kingdom, particularly during the 1980s. To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of the band but their song “How Soon Is Now?” is undeniable. Anybody who’s familiar with the track knows what I’m talking about. The tremolo …

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What Are The Tremolo Settings for “Like A Stone?” [SIMPLE]

Audioslave’s “Like A Stone” is probably one of my favourite songs and I think it may just be the best song that Audioslave, Tom Morello, or Chris Cornell ever did. Everything about it is a winner and a classic if you ask me. The nice thing about the song is that it’s pretty simple and …

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Can A Whammy Bar Break Strings? [ANSWERED]


The guitar industry is massive on account of the millions of players out there. And due to the demand, manufacturers have designed different styles of bridges, guitars, pedals, and accessories for guitarists to expand their creative scope and technical ability. Whammy bars are one of these features, and they’ve been around since the invention of …

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What Are The Tremolo Settings for Pink Floyd’s “Money?”

What Are The Tremolo Settings for Pink Floyd's Money - Featured Image

There’s no question that Pink Floyd is one of the most iconic bands ever to do it. They’ve got so many big songs and each musician in the group is a leader in their discipline, particularly David Gilmour who has a legion of fans. Among their many classic songs is the 1973 track, “Money,” which …

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