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How Much Does An ESP Eclipse Weigh [ANSWERED]

Written By :Andrew Siemon

Most electric guitars have a similar weight but with some variability. For example, a Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster tend to weigh much less than an Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

But ultimately, the weight of most electric guitars falls between 6 and 10 pounds. The ESP Eclipse guitar is no different – I know because I own one. For this article, I did an experiment and found the exact weight of the Eclipse.

Generally speaking, the ESP Eclipse, including the original model and the Eclipse II, weighs approximately 8 pounds. This is about the same weight as other ESP models and their budget LTD counterparts.

And if you’re wondering how I came to this figure, it’s because I grabbed my ESP Eclipse II off the wall and hopped on the scale with it. I’ll show you how I did this in a second. I’ll also explain some of the variability between models and other important things to note in the upcoming sections.

The ESP Eclipse – Standard Series Versus E-II

The original ESP Eclispse (the one that I own), as well as the more modern ESP Eclipse II

In case you didn’t know, ESP Guitars got rid of their Standard series models a long time ago, back in 2014 Guitar World reports.

I’m glad I got one of the originals back when I was 18 years old. It’s a very old guitar now, having been manufactured in 2004.

In terms of the differences between these guitars, it’s hard to really say what they are considering there isn’t much information about this online. There are some forums though where people discuss theories and observations.

Having gone through the list, I can say that there appear to be no differences between the ESP Eclipse and the ESP Eclipse E-II that would warrant a significant change in weight.

However, I’m currently waiting on ESP to get back to me because I sent them a quick email. We’ll see if they can get back to me. Update: they wound up getting back to me and here’s what they had to say.

ESP Customer Service Response - How Much Does An ESP Eclipse Weigh [ANSWERED]
Auston from ESP says the ESP E-II Series is up to the same standard as the Standard Series, and the E-II is essentially just a re-branding.

With all that said, I’m going to show you how I weighed my ESP Eclipse Standard Series guitar. I used the same tactic for my other articles including the ones I wrote on the weight of the Epiphone Les Paul Custom and Squier Telecaster.

Weighing The ESP Eclipse

ESP Eclipse II - How Much Does An ESP Eclipse Weigh [ANSWERED]
This is my ESP Eclipse Standard Series which ESP stopped making in 2014. You can no longer find these guitars brand new, however, you can find their E-II counterparts.
Me With ESP Eclipse II - How Much Do ESP Eclipse II's Weigh
As you can see, I’ve got the ESP Eclipse Standard Series here. I love this guitar because it doesn’t weigh a lot, it looks super cool, and it plays beautifully.

To weigh a large and awkward item, it’s really a simple process. The first thing you need is a standard scale, like one that you would have in your bathroom.

I would recommend using a digital scale because they’re way easier to read than one of the other ones that have the needle and lines on them. The process of figuring the weight out is easy.

What you have to do is first step on the scale with nothing in your hand and then take note of your weight. For this article, I had to include the phone as part of the weight because I needed to take pictures.

Before - How Much Does An ESP Eclipse Weigh
In this picture, you can see that I weigh 176.6 pounds.

I had to step on and off the scale a few times just to ensure I was getting the right weight, otherwise, you could get a misreading. I took note of the weight and then grabbed my guitar to weigh it.

After - How Much Do ESP EClipses Weigh
With the guitar and phone in my hand, I weighed 184.6 pounds.

The next thing you want to do is take the weight of you and the guitar, in this case, 184.6 pounds, and then subtract it by 176.6 pounds. This will give you the total weight which is 8 pounds.

So with absolute certainty, I know that you can expect your ESP Eclipse Standard Series guitar to weigh around 8 pounds. It’s worth mentioning though that not every guitar is going to weigh the exact same.

It’s very possible your guitar could weigh either a bit more or a bit less. There are some other factors at play, including even the climate of where you reside. In a more humid climate, your guitar could be holding on to extra moisture.

In some other cases, your guitar could weigh more or less depending on whether your guitar has a pick-guard or other accessories. Even something like an Evertune bridge could be playing a role in the guitar’s weight.

Evertune Bridge - How Much Does An ESP Eclipse Weigh [ANSWERED]
What an Evertune Bridge looks like. These are supposed to ensure that your guitar stays in tune at all times, and they have a pretty solid reputation (image taken from Evertune’s website).

There may be other guitars in the Standard Series line-up that use a different type of wood which ultimately could lead to a different weight. But with all that said, what about the ESP Eclipse E-II? Surely, there is a difference?

As I said before, it’s not entirely clear what differences there are between the Standard Series and the E-II models. Additionally, I must say that I don’t know the exact weight of the E-II simply because I don’t own one, myself.

Simply put, I had to rely on the testimony of other people online to figure this out for myself.

Weighing The ESP Eclipse – E-II

ESP Eclipse II - How Much Does An ESP Eclipse II Weigh
This is the E-II version of the guitar I own, however, the primary difference between the two, at least as far as I can tell, is that this one has golden EMG pickups whereas mine are black.

As I said to you a moment ago, I had to rely on external research to find the weight of the ESP Eclipse E-II in contrast to the Standard Series Eclipse which I own.

So what was the verdict then? A few people on this forum said that their ESP Eclipse weighed between 8 and 8.5 pounds.

However, another guy on there said his guitar weighed probably 4 pounds which is definitely incorrect. A 4-pound guitar would be extremely light and far below the average weight of a guitar.

Of course, he never actually weighed it and just made a guess. Another person on this forum claimed their ESP Eclipse weighed approximately 7.69 pounds. It stands to reason then that the ESP Eclipse E-II is around 7.5 to 8.5 pounds.

Which ESP Eclipse Is Heavier? The Standard or E-II?

Generally speaking, the ESP Eclipse Standard Series and the updated E-II models are around the same weight: 8 pounds. However, as I’ve said, you could probably find slight variability and differences between other models.

Factors like the inclusion of active pick-ups and the battery that comes with it, what the body and neck are made out of, or even a pickguard can make a difference in the total weight. An Evertune bridge could also be a factor.

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Important Things to Note About The ESP Eclipse

1) There Could Be A Difference Between USA and Japanese Models

In case you didn’t know, there are actually USA-made ESP guitars as well which tend to fetch a much higher price on account of the fact they’re USA-made and Americans are more willing to pay for USA-made products.

At least that’s my opinion. Either way, the Japanese and USA-made instruments have a great reputation and it’s rare to hear people talking badly about ESP.

2) Find the ESP Eclipse Standard Series On the Used Market

As I was saying to you at the start of the article, you probably can’t find the ESP Standard Series Eclipse models brand new. You could find one though on Reverb or eBay fairly easily considering there are a lot of them out there.

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