What Makes A Guitar Good for Shredding? [Shred Explained]

Shred Guitar - What Makes A Guitar Good for Shredding [Shred Explained]

A guitar shredder fortunately isn’t only as good as the guitar they choose to shred on, but finding a good one with all the necessary bells and whistles definitely doesn’t hurt. As a matter of fact, a well-made guitar can have a significant impact on a player’s abilities. From the headstock to the bridge there …

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What To Do If Your Guitar Is Too Big? [ANSWERED]

What To Do If Your Guitar Is Too Big [ANSWERED]

Most guitars are built in a very similar way but there is some variability that can make one instrument harder or easier to play than the other. One such example would be the size of the body or even the frets. My ESP Eclipse, for instance, has jumbo frets and it makes it much, much …

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What is a Volute on a Guitar?

Guitar Volute

What is a volute on a guitar neck? This article explores precisely what it is and how they’ve been adopted to reinforce a neck.