Should Guitar Strings Be The Same Height? [NO]

Guitar String Action - Should Guitar Strings Be The Same Height

How easy it is to play the guitar depends on a number of factors, including how much relief there is, the action, in addition to the string thickness. An improperly set up action can make any great guitar sound bad through things like fret buzz or the extreme version of this: fretting out. On the …

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Should Guitar Strings Be Parallel to the Fretboard? [NO]

Should Guitar Strings Be Parallel to the Fretboard? - Featured IMage

When it comes to guitar setups, there are quite a few things to know and much of it can’t be remembered at the top of your head, especially if you’re only setting your guitar up a few times a year. Guitar technicians and luthiers have more of a handle on this kind of thing simply …

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Does Boiling Guitar Strings Really Work? [Full Guide]

The electric guitar has existed for over a hundred years at this point, and its popularity has stayed fairly consistent during that time. It’s not hard to imagine then that people have come up with all kinds of myths, old wives tails, and other tricks that are supposedly the secret to some special technique or …

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Are Guitar Strings Toxic?

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Strings Main Image

Are guitar strings actually toxic? Some people wonder if polymer-coated strings, in particular, are harmful.