Guitar Picks Vs. Mandolin Picks [What You Need To Know]

Picks Vs. Mandolin Picks [What You Need To Know]

It would be easy for string instrumentalists if picks were universal. If you know nothing about guitar picks, you may think they’re all the same. Picks are different from each other because the strings and their setup vary from instrument to instrument. As a matter of fact, picks can even change a lot on just …

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Are Guitar Picks Vegan? [What You Want To Know]

Are Guitar Picks Vegan [What You Want To Know] - Featured Image (1000 × 700 px)

As the world moves more toward eco-friendly materials, the average person more commonly wants to know what household items are made of. This kind of thing has even affected the guitar-playing world. For instance, some eco-minded guitarists ask what are the environmental impact of their guitar picks and strings (more on that in my article …

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