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How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]

Written By :Andrew Siemon

If you’ve just created a riff in Guitar Pro, you might’ve found yourself wondering how to repeat it? There are a few ways of going about it, and I’ll be sure to show you all the ones I know, however, one is definitely better than the others.

One of the inferior ways is to use the copy-paste method because I find it to be cumbersome and annoying. I imagine there is a better way of doing the same thing, but I haven’t found it. The best way is to use the repeat function which I’ll show you how to do.

To repeat bars in Guitar Pro, use the bracket symbol ‘[‘ at the start of the bar you want to repeat. Navigate to the end and use the opposite bracket, ‘]. After the Repeat Close box opens, select how many bars you want to repeat. You can also use (Shift + 5) to repeat a bar.

This is the best way of going about it. As I said earlier, I’ll show you how to use the copy-paste method as well. But for now, let’s take a look at a short – and quick – video on how to repeat bars in Guitar Pro, and then I’ll walk you through an illustrated tutorial as well.

Guide to Repeating Bars (and More) in Guitar Pro

How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]

I’m surprised there isn’t a faster way to copy and paste bars in Guitar Pro, but it is what it is. I’ve found a few ways to repeat sections and phrases since I started using it over a year or two ago now. Getting harmonics is another thing I recently figured out.

As I said earlier, the first way is the most cumbersome, which is to actually copy and paste the measure after having selected every note. The second way is to use corresponding left and right brackets [ ] on the outside of each measure.

And the last way (that I know of), is to use the Shift + 5 command in an empty bar you’ve created after the measure you want to repeat. This last one isn’t in the YouTube video, so make sure to check it out down below if you need further instruction.

Without wasting more time, let’s walk through an illustrated tutorial of how to repeat bars in Guitar Pro.

1) Click the Beginning of the Phrase to Select It

Repeat - How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]
At the start of the measure

The first thing you want to do is drag the highlighter/selection box to the beginning of the measure that you want to repeat. Click on it, or use the directional arrow on your keyboard to move it over.

2) Use the Bracket ‘[‘ Symbol to Start A Repeat

Left Bracket - How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]
Use the left bracket on your keyboard to start the repeat

Once you’re at the start, just use the ‘[‘ bracket and then do the same thing at the other side of the measure.

3) Go to the End and Use the Opposite Bracket ‘]’

Right Bracket - How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]
Do the same thing at the end with the opposite bracket

After you’ve used the ending bracket ‘]’ the Repeat Close prompt will show up.

4) Select How Many Times You Want To Repeat In the Repeat Close Prompt

Repeat Close - How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]
The Repeat Close prompt box

Select how many times you want the bar to repeat. After you’ve done so and pressed “Ok,” you’ll see that you now have a repeat.

Repeat 5x - How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro
The end result of my labor

From what I can tell thus far, this is the best way of going about it because it takes the least amount of time. Additionally, deleting them is just as easy so that’s a plus.

5) To Delete The Repeats, Use the Bracket Symbols Again

If you want to delete the repeats, all you have to do is go to both ends of each measure and then use the brackets again. After you’ve done that, then the repeat symbols will disappear and you can start fresh again.

Using the Repeat Function To Repeat A Bar

I said near the start of the article that I actually discovered another way to repeat a bar after I already made the YouTube video. Here it is.

I think this way is a bit different in the sense that it’ll repeat other instrumentation as well (other guitars, piano, or bass), and not just one line of one particular instrument. Although, I’m not 100% sure.

Repeat Bar - How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]

To repeat a bar in Guitar Pro use the percentage ‘%’ symbol. Use (Shift + 5) together to make that happen. Also, if you want to repeat 2 bars at once, instead of just one, press (Command + Shift + 5) together.

This is a better way to repeat a bar than using the copy-paste method which is actually kind of annoying to do.

How to Add Bars in Guitar Pro

Adding bars is super simple, however, deleting them is a bit more complicated (I talked about how to do it in this guide).

Add Bar - How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]
Use the right arrow on the directional pad to make more bars in Guitar Pro

To add bars in Guitar Pro, you just have to go to the end of a currently existing phrase, and then press the right arrow on the direction pad of your keyboard. You can do this as many times as you need to.

How to Do Alternate Endings in Guitar Pro

Creating alternate endings in Guitar Pro is a bit different from the other functions – as far as I can tell – because there is no command for it. I’m not sure why they didn’t create a shortcut, but I digress.

Alternate Endings - How to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro [Dead Simple]
The Alternate Endings Menu

To make alternate endings in Guitar Pro, right-click on the ending of the phrase, and then select the sub-heading “Alternate Endings.” When the prompt opens, select the number of which end you want to finish the phrase with.

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Important Things to Note About Repeating Bars in Guitar Pro

1) There Could Be Other Ways to Repeat Bars in Guitar Pro

If I had to guess, I would say there are probably some other ways of repeating bars in Guitar Pro, but I’m not entirely sure what they are.

The more you use the software, the more you learn about it, so give it a shot and tell me what you can come up with. Have a look at the instruction manual on the Arobas website. It’s got more information as well, albeit, in a less consumable fashion (in my opinion).

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