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Does Guitar Pro Ever Go On Sale? [ANSWERED]

Written By :Andrew Siemon

Generally speaking, Guitar Pro from Arobas Music goes on sale during the biggest shopping days of the year including around Christmas Holidays, Boxing Day, Black Friday, during July 4th weekend, as well as after you’ve already purchased it and a new update has been released.

Personally, I don’t think any guitarist or bassist should wait because Guitar Pro is one of the most useful tools for them. I’ve argued this in many other articles at this point, but I truly think it’s worth every penny and every player – guitar or bass – should have it.

And it’s not that expensive either so you get so much value for a relatively small price. Typically, it goes for around $70.00 during the regular season and 10% to 30% off during the holidays. You could save a bit of money by getting it on Black Friday, for example.

But you miss out on having one of the greatest practice tools available for all that time and you ultimately do yourself a disservice by not having it. That’s my opinion anyway. Put another way, there is an opportunity cost to not having it because it could be improving your practicing and creative flow right away.

When Guitar Pro Goes On Sale? [ANSWERED]

I got Guitar Pro about 1-2 years ago and I even have it for iPad and iPhone as well. You can easily find it on the App Store if you want it for mobile. It’s awesome, however, I purchased it when I needed it one day, not when it was on sale.

It’s unfortunate that the Guitar Pro membership doesn’t carry over to iOS but that’s ok. It is what it is. Anyway, let’s talk about where and when you can find GP on sale in a little bit more detail.

1) Black Friday [Cyber Monday] on Plugin Boutique

Black Friday Sale on Plugin Boutique
One of the best times to get Guitar Pro is during Black Friday. For example, it usually goes on sale on Plugin Boutique around this time.

From what I’ve seen, the best time to get Guitar Pro is usually on Black Friday exactly or around that time. I can’t remember the last time but I’m certain it was going for about 20% off.

In the image above, you can see that it was going for 33% off. Plugin Fox will usually have a deal of some kind around the same time. It’s not uncommon for it to go on sale directly on their website either.

For example, you can see that Arobas Music had a sale last time on their site here.

2) Christmas Time [Boxing Day]

According to users on this Reddit forum, it’s not uncommon to find it on sale around Christmas time. In the weeks leading up to Christmas and also around Boxing Day, it could be on for a small bargain.

From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t go for a huge deal at this time, but it could be 10% to 15% off. July 4th weekend is another good day to get it.

3) July 4th Weekend

Guitar Pro Sale 4th of July
There are a good amount of sales, in general, around this time although they’re usually not advertised as heavily.

You can also find it on sale around July 4th weekend according to this user. I’ve never actually seen it go on sale around this time, and I honestly find this one surprising because Arobas Music is a French company.

But then again, a good proportion of their sales will likely be in the United States so it makes sense for it to go on sale around that time. Labor Day Weekend is another time that I hear people talking about sometimes.

4) June 21st – Music Day [Fête de la Musique]

A Music Day Celebration - A good time to buy Guitar Pro
Fete De La Musique or Music Day is a pretty big celebration worldwide of music, and while it isn’t taken as seriously in North America, in France (where Arobas Music is from) it’s more of a big deal.

World Music Day is a global and annual celebration of music where people are encouraged to play music out in the streets and in public. According to a user on Gear Page, they’ve seen it go on sale two years in a row around this time.

5) When Upgrading (You Already Own It)

Guitar Pro 8 Upgrde
The cheapest way to get it, by far, is to already have a copy of it and get the upgrade afterward.

And finally, probably the best way to get a cheaper version of Guitar Pro is for you to already own it and have the upgrade come available. For instance, I’m currently using Guitar Pro 7.6 instead of Guitar Pro 8 because I haven’t upgraded it yet.

I could easily pay the $30 or $40 to upgrade it, but I find that GP 7.6 works just fine so I have no incentive to spend that extra money on it yet. I can’t lie though, having to pay for updates and upgrades is a little annoying.

At least in Guitar Pro’s case, it’s not like the older version becomes obsolete or no longer works. There are some other companies where an older model will be slowed down or made to function not as efficiently in order to encourage you to get the new one.

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Important Things To Note About Guitar Pro Sales

1) You Can Also Find Coupon Codes Online

It’s not uncommon for there to be coupon codes online where you can get Guitar Pro for 10% or 20% off. For example, there used to be one for Justin Guitar (justinguitar), and there were some others floating around on Reddit.

Personally, the software is so inexpensive that it’s hard to even justify spending that much time to save only $4 or $5.

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