How to Use A Volume Pedal [An Illustrated Guide]

How to Use A Volume Pedal [An Illustrated Guide] - Featured Image.

I recently went to an auction near my hometown and picked up a ton of guitar equipment, including two new guitars, a Fender case, and several guitar pedals. If I recall correctly, I scored 6 new pedals, and around half of them are pretty good. One pedal I got was the Behringer FCV100 Volume and …

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How to Use A Vibrato Pedal [An Illustrated Tutorial]

Vibrato pedals are an effects unit that I’ve overlooked for a long time, simply because they just didn’t appeal to me that much. But after having got one at an auction not long ago, I’ve become more open to them. They’re a pretty cool pedal with a lot of applications, however, I find there isn’t …

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MXR Clone Looper vs The Boss RC-5 [A Real Comparison]

MXR Clone Looper vs The Boss RC-5 [A Real Comparison] - Featured Image

The MXR Clone Looper and the BOSS RC-5 Loop Station are both great pedals but each of them targets different sectors of the looper pedal consumer market. For one, I would say that the RC-5 is a step above the Clone Looper in terms of the target audience. The RC-5 is a more advanced looper …

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How to Change the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station Settings [SIMPLE]

How to Change the Settings of the BOSS RC-1 - Featured Image

What many people like about the BOSS RC-1 is probably the thing that others don’t: its simplicity. There are only 6 different features of the BOSS RC-1: recording, playback, overdubbing, undo overdub, redo overdub, and the capability for an external footswitch. But for most loopers, this is probably all they’ll ever need. That said, there …

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The RC-5 vs the RC-1 Loop Station – [A REAL Comparison]

The RC-5 vs the RC-1 Loop Station - [A REAL Comparison].jpg

The RC-1 and RC-5 are the two beginning models of the BOSS Loop Station line-up, of which there are many. At one point, they even made RC-2 and RC-3 models, but they wound up discontinuing them. If you’re wondering what the differences between these two pedals are, you’re in luck, because I’ve got the answer. …

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How to Use the Boss RC-1 Loop Station [A Detailed Guide]

How To Use the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station - Featured Image

I’ve used a few looper pedals now, including the BOSS RC-1, the BOSS RC-5, and the MXR Clone Looper so I’m pretty familiar with the most common features and the other cool things they can be used for. Like most instruction manuals for various kinds of technology, I find the instructions to be unclear or …

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How To Connect The BOSS RC-5 To Your Computer [SIMPLE]

How To Connect Your BOSS RC-5 To Your Computer - Featured Image

Now that you’ve got your hands on one of the better looper pedals out there for the money, the BOSS RC-5 Loop Station, you probably want to make sure you get the best you can out of it. It’s a great pedal. While I love Roland’s BOSS and everything they make, their instruction manual, like …

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How to Set up An Epiphone Les Paul [An Illustrated Guide]

How To Set Up The Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Featured Image

Getting the perfect setup on an Epiphone Les Paul (or any guitar for that matter) can be quite the challenge. There are many factors to consider including string gauge, action, intonation, and a few others. Not to mention many guitars are not built well enough to even get a solid set-up with low action and …

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How to Reset The BOSS Loop Station [5 Models]

How to Reset The BOSS Loop Station [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

Readers of Traveling Guitarist and Producer Society know that I’m a huge fan of looper pedals. There are many reasons I like them. Probably the biggest reason is for practicing but you can also use them for creative purposes as well. However, like every other piece of technology out there, they are prone to issues. …

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How to Fix A Whammy Bar That’s Too Stiff [SIMPLE]


Setting up a guitar properly, especially one that has a Floyd Rose or a vibrato-style bridge, can be a challenge. Once you start getting into specificity and all of the little tricks and tips that you can do, it can get even harder. I’m not a guitar technician by trade either, however, I’ve learned a …

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