Guitar Amps vs Studio Monitors – [The Differences and More]

Guitar Amps vs Studio Monitors - [The Differences and More] - Featured Image

Even though the speakers inside of studio monitors and guitar amps look pretty similar, they’re not the same. The technology that goes along with the speakers inside the guitar amplifier is a big part of how they’re different as well. Especially how they are used in and out of a studio. There was a time …

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Guitar Picks Vs. Mandolin Picks [What You Need To Know]

Picks Vs. Mandolin Picks [What You Need To Know]

It would be easy for string instrumentalists if picks were universal. If you know nothing about guitar picks, you may think they’re all the same. Picks are different from each other because the strings and their setup vary from instrument to instrument. As a matter of fact, picks can even change a lot on just …

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Guitar Acrylic vs Nitro – [All You Need to Know]

Featured image - Guitar Acrylic vs Nitro - [All You Need to Know] (1000 × 700 px)

There are a few options when choosing a finish for an instrument, but acrylic and nitrocellulose-based paints are among the most popular. Many guitar manufacturers now use polyester and polyurethane paints as well, in fact, there are many online debates about polyurethane vs nitro. If you talk to a luthier, they may recommend nitrocellulose which …

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Are Guitar Picks Vegan? [What You Want To Know]

Are Guitar Picks Vegan [What You Want To Know] - Featured Image (1000 × 700 px)

As the world moves more toward eco-friendly materials, the average person more commonly wants to know what household items are made of. This kind of thing has even affected the guitar-playing world. For instance, some eco-minded guitarists ask what are the environmental impact of their guitar picks and strings (more on that in my article …

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What’s the Difference Between Reverb and Chorus [ANSWERED]

Reverb vs Chorus - What's the Difference Between Reverb and Chorus [ANSWERED]

When discussing effects, reverb is usually one of the first ones to come up and it’s often in the context of delay or echo as well. Either way, there are some effects that are extremely common, and there’s no question reverb and chorus are in that list. Both reverb and chorus have been used for …

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Why Triads Are Important To Learn on Guitar [ANSWERED]

Why Are Triads So Important To Learn On Guitar [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

When I was 12-years-old, I took guitar lessons from a guy who taught me how to read music through basic jazz songs. I learned a great deal from these lessons including triads, however, I didn’t practice them enough because I was too young to appreciate it. I wound up quitting, and while I could call …

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Why Are Guitar Picks So Easy to Lose? [ANSWERED]

Why Are Guitar Picks So Easy to Lose [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

I can’t tell you how many guitar picks I’ve lost, and you likely can’t remember how many you’ve lost either. But if you’re wondering whether your pick was sucked into an alternate dimension or if it simply vanished into thin air, know that neither of these is true. I rounded up the most common reasons …

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Can A Guitar Chord Be Copyrighted? [ANSWERED]

Can A Guitar Chord Be Copyrighted [ANSWERED]

So, you’ve spent countless hours mastering the guitar and stumbled on what sounds like the most beautiful chord imaginable. You try to figure out the intervals for it to name it but you just can’t get it. And you can’t find a name for it online either. This begs the question: Did you create it? …

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Should Guitar Strings Be The Same Height? [NO]

Guitar String Action - Should Guitar Strings Be The Same Height

How easy it is to play the guitar depends on a number of factors, including how much relief there is, the action, in addition to the string thickness. An improperly set up action can make any great guitar sound bad through things like fret buzz or the extreme version of this: fretting out. On the …

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What Makes A Good Guitar Player? [ANSWERED]

What Makes A Good Guitar Player - Featured Image

It’s humbling to know that at one point, our guitar heroes weren’t so great, most likely earlier on when they first started. But what made them turn into highly functional musicians? Was it their shredding techniques, stage presence, or did they just get lucky? Most likely, it was a combination of many factors but the …

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