What’s the Difference Between Gain and Drive? [ANSWERED]

What's the Difference Between Gain and Drive - Featured Image

These two terms mean separate things but often have similar effects. Knowing how they can affect your sound matters because, in order to properly get the effect you’re looking for, you need to have a clear understanding of what to do. Understanding the difference between drive and gain can be confusing because the terms are …

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Where To Put The Looper Pedal In Your Signal Chain [SIMPLE]

Featured Image - Where To Put the Looper in Your Signal Chain

Over the last couple of years, the looper pedal has really become a big part of my practice routine, as well as my creative process. I regularly use it to either test out ideas, or to drill exercises that I’m working on. I think they’re amazing, and every other guitarist should have one. Although, in …

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Guitar Effects Loop Vs Direct Input – Which One’s Better?

Preamp and Power Amp - Guitar Effects Loop Vs. Direct - Which One's Better (1000 × 700 px)

Guitars and amplifiers have been around for a long time now, particularly guitars, which have been a part of human history for thousands of years in different forms. Amplifiers, on the other hand, are significantly newer. As guitars increased in popularity over the last century, so did the effects that guitarists used with them. When …

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Why Do People Use Guitar Pedals? [What You Want to Know]

MXR 10-Band EQ - Why Do People Still Use Guitar Pedals (1000 × 700 px) (1)

In a world that’s becoming more and more dominated by digital gear, guitar pedals are still holding on. In fact, guitar pedals are alive and well, and still can provide that tone that sets you apart from others. They can certainly help you with creativity as well. If you are asking yourself if you need …

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Center Negative vs Center Positive – What’s the Difference?

Power Supply - Center Negative Versus Center Positive - What's the Difference (1000 × 700 px)

If you are wondering what the importance of center negative vs center-positive could be, stick around. Not only will you learn the difference, but you will understand the importance of this for musicians, particularly for those of us who have pedals and pedalboards that we don’t want to damage. So If you are a guitar …

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How Long Do 9V Pedals Last in a Guitar Pedal? [Experiment]

How Long (1000 × 700 px)

I’ve been playing guitar for most of my life including all of my adult life, and it always bugged me how 9V batteries almost never lasted longer than a few hours in guitar pedals. Despite knowing this, I still found myself never buying a much-needed power supply. That was until recently after I bought an …

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What’s the Difference Between Chords & Tabs? [EXPLAINED]

Tab and Chords - What's the Difference Between Chords & Tabs [EXPLAINED]

Chords and tabs are fundamentally different things, although, in many ways, they serve the same purpose. The purpose is to show you how to play certain songs, musical phrases, and ideas on the guitar or a similarly stringed instrument. That said, the two are different from each other, although, they can certainly be used in …

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Why Is It Important To Learn Chords on Guitar? [SIMPLE]

Featured Image - Why Is It Important To Learn Chords on Guitar [SIMPLE]

Learning guitar chords may seem like a no-brainer as a guitar player. You may be saying, “Of course this is important.” Or maybe you just want to shred like I did when I first started playing. It is great to walk before you run, and learning chords help you walk well.  We are going to …

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What Are The 12 Main Chords on Guitar? [EASY]

Featured Image - What Are The 12 Main Chords on Guitar [EASY]

At one point or another, you might have stumbled upon viral YouTube videos promising that you can play dozens of popular songs with just four chords. To your surprise I imagine, they weren’t kidding. Clearly, there are chords and progressions that have become more popular in Western music than others. As a guitarist, you might …

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Can You Play Guitar Without Chords? [ANSWERED]

Can You Play Guitar without Chords - Featured Image

You can learn to play the guitar in pretty much any way that you’d like, and that includes without chords. Most guitar teachers will probably start out with the C Major, D Major, and G Major chords, but others may look at the C Major scale first, played in single notes. The idea of learning …

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