How Much Does A PRS SE Custom 24 Weigh? [The REAL Answer]

How Much Does A PRS SE Custom 24 Weigh [ANSWERED] - Featured Image.jpg

I’ve owned a PRS SE Custom 24 for approximately 10 years now, and it’s a really great guitar for the price. It’s well-built, sounds pretty good, and doesn’t have any of the problems that some of my cheaper guitars do. Because it has 24 frets and a mahogany body and neck, the PRS SE Custom …

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How Much Does A Squier Stratocaster Weigh? [An Experiment]

Considering the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster are easily in the top 5 of the most popular guitars ever made, there have been a ton of models released. And by models, I mean reissues and all kinds of variations of the same thing. As a result, how each guitar is built and what they sound like …

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How Much Does A Squier Telecaster Weigh? [REAL Answer]

How Much Does A Squier Telecaster Weigh - Featured Image

I’ve owned a Squier Bullet Telecaster [Alpine White] for close to a year now, and it’s an ok guitar. I like the looks of it and it sounds great, however, I was one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get one of the better models. Apparently, one aspect of the guitar manufacturing process that makes …

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Vibrato vs Chorus – What’s the Difference? [ANSWERED]

Vibrato vs Chorus - What's the Difference [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

There are a lot of pedal effects for the guitar – and other instruments too. Some of them even have similar names despite being totally different, or they’re used interchangeably despite their differences, ie, vibrato and tremolo. As a result, it can take some research to really figure out which is which in the guitar-playing …

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What Is The Easiest Looper Pedal? [BOSS RC-1 Loop Station]

What is the Easiest Loop Pedal To Use The BOSS RC-1 - Featured Image

If you’re looking to get into looper pedals, you’ve come to the right place. I love looper pedals and believe they’re probably the most important thing any guitar player should have, other than a great teacher. There are a couple of reasons for this which we can explore at another time, but you’re probably wondering …

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How Long Does A Battery Last In The BOSS RC-1? [ANSWERED]

BOSS RC-1 and the 9V Battery - How to Use the BOSS RC-1 (1000 × 700 px)

if you’re familiar with guitar pedals, you’re probably aware that 9V batteries don’t really last for long. There are some pedals that last longer than others, for sure, but in the majority of cases, it’s rare for you to get more than 6-8 hours out of a 9V battery. And the RC-1 is no different, …

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What Do You Need To Use A Looper Pedal? [3 Things]

What Do You Need To Use A Looper Pedal - Featured Image

If you’ve never used a looper pedal before you may be intimidated. I understand. There are a lot of models, brands, and different ways of using them, including for instruments you wouldn’t otherwise expect, ie, digital pianos and vocals. That all said, there’s really nothing to a looper pedal because they’re fairly easy to use. …

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How Long Does The Battery Last in the Boss RC-5 [ANSWERED]

How Long Does The Battery Last in the Boss RC-5 [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

I hate using batteries in guitar pedals for the simple fact that they don’t last. Of course, what kind of pedal and battery you’re using are both factors. That all said, it turns out the discussion surrounding batteries and pedals has an additional point of complication. But we can discuss all of that later. In …

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Do Looper Pedals Work With Any Amp? [ANSWERED]

Do Guitar Loopers Work On Any Amp? - Featured Image

I stand by the statement that looper pedals are one of the greatest things a guitarist can own. One of the main reasons why I like them so much is they serve as an unreal practicing tool. You can work on all kinds of musical concepts with them. Not to mention they’re a great pedal …

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How Much Does An Epiphone Les Paul Custom Weigh? [ANSWERED]

How Much Does An Epiphone Les Paul Custom Weight? - Featured Image

Guitarists care about the weight of their equipment because they’re either standing on stage with it or carrying it around from place to place. For that reason, the lighter everything is, the better it’ll probably be for most. And some guitars are certainly much lighter than others. My Squier Telecaster, ESP Eclipse, PRS SE Custom …

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