Can A Whammy Bar Break Strings? [ANSWERED]


The guitar industry is massive on account of the millions of players out there. And due to the demand, manufacturers have designed different styles of bridges, guitars, pedals, and accessories for guitarists to expand their creative scope and technical ability. Whammy bars are one of these features, and they’ve been around since the invention of …

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What’s the Difference Between A Whammy and Tremolo Bar?

There are many terms in every discipline and the guitar is no different. Some people use terminology interchangeably, while others state there are subtle differences between words. One example is the difference between distortion and overdrive which actually are separate on account of a few small details. But what about the whammy and tremolo bar? …

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DigiTech Whammy vs EHX Pitchfork – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the debate between pitch-shifters, it seems as though the internet has decided between two pedals – the Whammy Pedal V and the Electro Harmonix Pitchfork. Both of them have their own advantages and perks that are worth discussing. They also have their downsides as well. As a longtime owner of a …

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Whammy DT vs Whammy V – What’s the Difference? [SIMPLE]

Since IVL Technologies first began with its pitch-shifting product in 1989, the Whammy pedal has been released in various iterations. Other companies have made their own pitch-shifting device too, but most people describe DigiTech as the main one. While DigiTech has released several models, users most commonly refer to the DigiTech Whammy IV, V, and …

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How to Fix A Whammy Bar That’s Too Stiff [SIMPLE]


Setting up a guitar properly, especially one that has a Floyd Rose or a vibrato-style bridge, can be a challenge. Once you start getting into specificity and all of the little tricks and tips that you can do, it can get even harder. I’m not a guitar technician by trade either, however, I’ve learned a …

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Are Whammy Bars Supposed To Be Loose? [ANSWERED]

Are Whammy Bars Supposed To Be Loose [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

Like most things, there is the most commonly traveled path, and then there is the lesser-known way that people don’t use as much. This idea applies to guitarists in many ways too, for example, on the topic of whammy and tremolo bars. If your guitar has a whammy bar – also called a tremolo/vibrato bar, …

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Whammy Pedal vs Wah-Wah – What’s the Difference? [ANSWERED]

Wah-Wah vs Whammy Pedals - What's the Difference [Featured Image] (1000 × 700 px)

While whammy pedals and wah-wah pedals may look fairly similar to a beginner, they’re actually completely different. Yes, they both feature an expression pedal to rock back and forth on a given parameter, but how they’re made and their functions are separate. Both are incredibly useful devices that appear to have faded in popularity over …

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How to Calibrate A DigiTech Whammy Pedal [ANSWERED]

How to Calibrate A DigiTech Whammy Pedal [ANSWERED] - Featured Image

If you already own one, you know the DigiTech Whammy Pedal is one of the greatest tools a guitarist can buy. They’re incredibly versatile pedals that allow you to create some pretty cool sounds and express sonic ideas. You can do even more with the upgraded version of the pedal, the Whammy Droptune. They’re definitely …

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Whammy Pedal vs Whammy Bar – What’s the Difference? [EASY]

Whammy Bar versus Whammy Pedal - What's the Difference (1000 × 700 px)

Most people are familiar with the DigiTech Whammy Pedal due to Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello. Songs like “Killing In The Name” are a big part of how it became so popular for a time, although, it looks like that era has come and gone. Regardless, it’s not hard to understand why a lot …

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Where Should The Whammy Pedal Go In The Signal Chain? [EASY]

Where Should The Whammy Pedal Go In The Signal Chain [EASY] - Featured Image.jpg

Once you’ve gathered more than 4-5 effects pedals, getting them in the right order can be a challenge. After you’ve discovered how important the order of effects is for getting the desired sound, it can feel overwhelming because of all the possibilities. Not only that, but a lot of people argue with you about the …

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