About Traveling Guitarist

Traveling Guitarist is a site about playing guitar, and it features tricks, tips, guides, tutorials, and useful concepts regarding some of the most commonly asked questions regarding guitar playing.

There are a lot of other great sites out there about guitar playing, however, everyone has their own unique way of teaching things. You may resonate with this style of content more than others.

Really, this site is just a compilation of the things that I’ve learned along the way, and I do my best to share it with other people (about me here). Not only that, but I love to constantly learn new practices and concepts, so anytime I learn something new, I explain it here in as much detail as possible.

Moreover, I’m truly excited about the way that technology has changed over the last fifteen years, considering the cornucopia of available things nowadays that weren’t available when I first started playing.

Anytime I learn something about this constantly changing industry, I do my best to share it here.

I hope you’ve managed to learn something from the site. Make sure to come back at least a few times a month, as I’m always adding more useful tutorials and how-to guides.

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